If you are not receiving emails from Boardable, it most likely is due to some sort of block occurring in your mail. Check junk, spam, other, and any folders the mail app may be routing the messages to.

The following emails are what should be added to an allowlist, otherwise known as unblock or safe senders list:

If needed, our IP address is:

If unsure how to allow emails in the specific mail app used, try searching the web for answers.

  1. Open an internet browser

  2. The following are suggested searches to type:

    1. How do I allow an email address in Gmail [replace Gmail with the name of your email app, such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Yahoo, etc.]

    2. How do I unblock an email in Mac mail?

    3. Why am I not receiving emails from a particular sender?

    4. Do I have quarantined emails?

These types of searches will pull up links to articles specific to the mail apps you are using, such as:

  1. Google - allow emails only with authorized addresses or domains

  2. Outlook - add recipients of my email message to the Safe Senders List

  3. Mac Mail - Block or unblock senders in Mail on Mac

  4. Microsoft 365 / Outlook - View your quarantined messages

  5. Focused Inbox for Outlook

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