A Guest does not have a Boardable account and will not have access to the Boardable platform.

Guests will be able to:

Guests will not be able to:

Receive an email notification of a meeting

Access / view / attend a meeting through the Boardable platform

Participate in a meeting

RSVP through the platform

View the Meeting Agenda (any other relevant documents will need to be shared separately)

View any documents aside from the Agenda associated with the meeting

[Note] The only way a Guest will receive a notification with an included attached pdf agenda is when the Admin / Group Owner / Group Admin / includes it in the "send meeting message" option.

Customers on our Grassroots, Essentials, Professional, or Enterprise plans can invite Guests to Boardable Spotlight, and they will be able to share their screen during the video meeting.

Add a Guest to a Meeting:

Step 1: After you've added your members to your meeting in Edit Meeting page, scroll down to the bottom until you see Add Guests.

Step 2: Add your Guest's name and email address, then click Add

Step 3: Click Save to update your changes.

Step 4: Send your Guest a notification to invite them to the meeting.

Step 5: Your Guests will be listed under Guests in the People section. You also have the option to send the Guest a link to the meeting if it needs resent.

The email to a Guest will look similar to the following Gmail email notification. Guests can click Join Meeting to enter the meeting.

Send out an Agenda as a PDF:

Step 1: After the meeting is published, select the meeting 

Step 2: Click Send Message on the right side of the meeting:

Step 3: Check the information you would like to send from the options listed:

  • Include meeting info

  • Attach agenda as PDF

Step 4: Check who you would like to send the information to:

  • Collaborators

  • Invited Users

  • Guest

  • Yet to RSVP

Step 5: You will see a list of chosen names with check marks under Notifications will be sent to:

  • If you've chosen to include Guests, you will see their name with a check mark 

Step 6: Click Send

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