Difficulty accessing certain files can sometimes be the result of being on a corporate or university network that has strict firewall settings. 

To troubleshoot:

  • Click the “refresh” button in the top right of the document screen. 

  • If that does not load the file, try turning off wifi on your mobile device and hitting refresh again. 

  • You can do a long-press (press and hold) on the filename to bring up a dialog that will allow to save the file to your local device or open it with another application. 

  • Finally, try to uninstall then reinstall the Boardable mobile app. You will need to sign in with your login email and password.  Don't worry all your Boardable information will be there when you log back in.  

If you do run into issues, feel free to use the “Feedback” bubble in the bottom right hand side of your screen to report an issue. Please include what type of network you are on (like a University or Corporate network, home wifi, Starbucks, etc.) and our technical team will work with you to try and solve the issue.

Tags: Troubleshooting, file upload, mobile app

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