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Discover how Settings gives you access to Default features for: timezone, agenda list styles, agenda templates, and delete agenda template.

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Account Administrators have the ability to update settings for their entire organization.

I. Organization Settings

1. Locate and click Settings in the left hand navigation bar

2. Within the Organization Settings page, you will see in the following listed options below:

  • Dashboard: Dashboard Message 

  • Organization Info: Organization Name, Email "from" name, Logo

  • User Settings: Default Timezone For New Users

  • Content Settings: Default Agenda List Style

  • Agenda Templates: Agenda Templates List and + add Agenda Template button

II. User Settings - Default Timezone

As an administrator, you can set a default timezone for the entire organization. All meetings, polls and discussions will be set to the timezone you have selected for your organization. This feature will be for New Users added to your Organizations Account.

Two important places: Account Owners / Admins will need to set up timezones for the first time:

  1. Organization Settings: Administrators Default Timezone

  2. Your own My Profile Setting: Administrators Timezone settings

Note: If you find your meetings are in two different timezone and you have changed your timezone in the Organization Settings: Administrators  the next place to check is your own personal My Profile timezone settings.

Organization Settings: Timezone

  1. Click "User Settings"

  2. Select, from the "drop down menu" your organizations preferred time zone.  

  3. Click "Save"

III. Content Settings - Agenda List Styles

  1. Click "Content Settings"

  2. Administrators can set default agenda list styles based on your organization’s preference.

  3. Click the circle (indicated by a blue dot) of your preferred default list style.

  4. Then, Click "Save"

IV. Agenda Templates (no meeting required)

As an administrator, you can now build an agenda and save it as a template with no meeting required.

  1. To add a new agenda template, select Agenda Templates

  2. Select + Add Agenda Template on the right side of your screen

3. Fill in the agenda template fields:

  • Name

  • List Style

4. Click "Save and Continue"

5. After you have named your agenda template and selected a list style, you can build your template from scratch and add agenda items. 

6. When you are finished click, "return" to enter the main Agenda Template page

V. Delete an Agenda Template

1. Select the Agenda Template you want to delete
2. Click Delete
3. A pop up will ask: Are you sure? Do you want to delete this Agenda Template?
4. Click Ok
5. The Agenda template has now been deleted.

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