Account administrators, group owners and group admins have the ability to document the attendance on the minutes, and document discussions outside of the agenda on the minutes (parking lot).

Attendance Added to Minutes

Administrators, group owners or group admins can now document attendance in the minutes.

  • During your meeting, track attendees on the meeting’s landing page. 

1. If the minutes are unpublished view the attendees in the minutes

View meeting attendees documented in the minutes:

  • Click Edit Minutes

  • To edit the Minutes, click the Lock icon

  • To view the Minutes as a PDF, click the View As PDF button

2. If the minutes have already been published, view from the meeting landing page

View the minutes and attendees:

  • Click Open Minutes or Open as PDF 

New Parking Lot Section in Classic Minutes

Discussions outside of the agenda can be added to the Parking Lot. Items added to the Parking Lot will be documented on the minutes. 

Add items to the Parking Lot:

  • Click Edit Minutes

  • After you have added your Parking Lot details in the text field

  • Click Save

  • The Parking Lot items will be documented after the agenda items 

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