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I. Goal Tracking Overview

II. Keep Your Board on Track

III. Goals Tracking: Learn How to Set / Edit / Track / Archive

I. Goal Tracking Overview

What goals do you have for your nonprofit this year? Take board performance to the next level by creating visibility into your nonprofit’s goals and growth initiatives. Set benchmarks for your organization, committees, and board members.

If you are on 2019 pricing or earlier and would love to set yearly goals and run board health reports, we encourage you to upgrade to one of our upgraded plans: Essentials, Professional, or Enterprise

Organizations on the Essentials plan can track one goal at a time, while organizations on the Professional or Enterprise plans can set an unlimited amount of goals. 

II. Keep Your Board on Track

When building our new goals feature, we reflected on different situations in which our customers could utilize it to significantly impact their organizations:

  • Fundraising progress

  • Event signups

  • Board giving

  • Volunteer recruitment

  • Key performance indicators

In our new feature, you can create specific and measurable goals to track your organization’s key performance metrics, set a goal's timeframe, and use trackable benchmarks to specify the type of goal you want to accomplish. 

Who Can Set / Monitor / Track Goals:

  • Administrators

  • Group Owners 

  • Group Admins 

Benchmark Types:

  • Currency

  • Number

  • Percentage

III. Goals Tracking: Set / Edit / Track / Archive

Setting / Creating a Goal:

Step 1: Click Goals from the left navigation menu
Step 2: Click Create a new goal
Step 3: Create a Title for your goal
Step 4: Select the Goal Type (Number, Currency or Percent)
Step 5: Set Targets 

  • Set a At the start of this goal, on start date, we have set the start amount

  • Choose an Our goal for: date is set a target

  • Choose Add Another Target: setting additional targets will empower your organization to keep on track and reach your goals!

Step 6: Determine how you would like to assign your goal:

  • Open: All users assigned to the goal can view detailed information and progress. 

  • Private: Only account Admins / Group Admins can view detailed information and progress.

Step 7: Assign your goal to a group(s) or an individual(s).
Step 8: Click Create Goal

Track & Add Progress

As you work hard toward a goal, keep stakeholders informed and engaged by documenting the progress made. Empower your board and rally your team by adding progress and tracking progress towards each goal!

Track goal progress for individuals, committees, and the overall organization.

Step 1: Choose a Goal and track your progress
Step 2: Click Add Progress.
Step 3: Choose a date and add the total progress towards your goal.

Important: Boardable does not automatically calculate the total progress. When entering in the progress, manually add the total to update the goal accordingly.

Example: If your organization has raised $500 and then receives a $100 donation. When adding progress, enter in $600 to accurately document the total progress made towards that fundraising goal.

Step 4: Assign Person Responsible (optional): input their name
Step 5: Add a Memo (optional):  provide additional document updates
Step 6: Select Save to update your goal.

Hold Your Board Accountable

Visual updates give stakeholders a pulse on progress, while also highlighting where increased efforts are needed. Boardable will display a chart of your progress toward the overall goal based on the timeframe and progress updates you submit.

Step 1: Visual updates give stakeholders a pulse on Goal Tracking progress:

  • Each goal will show assigned Users: a quick visual overview mapping the progress you are making or in some cases the lack thereof. 

Archive a Goal

Once you achieve a goal, you have the option to Archive the Goal (goals are not deleted).

Step 1: Click on the Goal you want to archive
Step 2: Click the down carrot V to the right of Edit Goal on the top right of the page
Step 3: Click Archive Goal
Step 4: You successfully archived your goal.

[Note] Customers on Boardable's Essentials plan can set and track one active goal at a time. Once that goal has been archived, access to a new goal will be granted. 

Track and measure the success of your organization’s goals and board initiatives. Set benchmarks to keep your board informed and engaged on the progress of key performance metrics.

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