Give your board members and the public easy access to view your meeting overview, agenda items covered, decisions, action items, video conferencing capabilities, and names of meeting attendees on a publicly accessible webpage.

  • Only account Administrators and Members/Observers who have meeting Collaborator access can enable the Public Meeting Page.

  • In order to display the meeting agenda and minutes on the public meeting page, the minutes and meeting have to be published.¬†

  • The meeting attendance will be displayed once the meeting has passed.

How to Use the Public Meeting Page

Step 1: Select Meetings from the left side panel 

Step 2: Select the Meeting where you want to enable the Public Meeting Page

Step 3: Select Public Page from the right side your screen.

Step 4: Click the checkbox next to Enable Meeting Public Page. When you do, you'll see several options to include on your Public Meeting Page: Overview, Agenda, Minutes, Attendance, Remote URL (like a Zoom link), & Boardable Video Conference link. You can uncheck any options you don't want to include in your page.

Step 5: Click Save

Step 6: Copy the Public Meeting Page URL and share it!

Overview Video

This short video shows you how to:

  1. Enable Public Meeting pages and open/copy the Public URL

  2. Shows an example of how the Public Meeting Page will look to someone viewing it publicly

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