[Note]: Organization Notifications is a feature of our Professional & Enterprise Plans and can only be viewed by account Administrators.

Keep a record of all notifications that have been sent to your board for meetings, discussions, polls, tasks, comments, messages, broadcast announcements. Search for batches of notifications and become familiar with your member’s notification settings.

How to Use Organization Notifications History

Go to Notifications History

Select Organization Notifications in the toggle at the top

Similar to the My Notifications History, you can search for notifications in the search bar. Each notification is color-coded.

The green checkmark indicates that the notification was sent immediately.

The yellow stopwatch indicates that the notification was sent in the daily periodic Boardable email based on the user's settings. 

The red exclamation points indicates that there is an issue with the user's notification email address and that the notification was not sent. 

Batch Notifications

To view a batch of notifications sent out through Boardable, click on the blue circle next to a notification. 

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