Guests and Boardable Spotlight
Learn about the guest experience for Boardable Spotlight meetings.
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I. Invite Guests to a Boardable Spotlight Meeting

Organization Admins and Meeting Owner / Collaborators can add guests to any meeting.

  • Organizations on the Essentials can invite up to 5 guests per meeting.

  • Organizations on the Professional, and Enterprise plans have the ability to invite an unlimited number guests to Boardable Spotlight.

To invite a guest:

  1. Navigate to the meeting page

  2. Click Update Members in the People section

  3. Scroll to the bottom

    1. Enter the guest's name and email adddress

    2. Click Add

    3. The guest will be listed under the People section with (Guest) in front of their name

  4. Click Save

  5. The guest will now be listed in the Guests section under People on the meeting page

    1. Click the icon under Send Link to send or re-send meeting information to the guest

II. Guest Joining a Boardable Spotlight Meeting

If invited to a meeting in Boardable Spotlight as a guest, look for the email invitation to RSVP and to join the meeting. This invitation may be sent in advance of the meeting or at the time of the meeting, If it has not been received, please contact the administrator of the meeting to ask them to "send the link".

To join a Boardable Spotlight meeting as a guest:

  1. From the email received, click the link under Join the meeting in Spotlight by Boardable when the meeting time has arrived

    1. If joining by dial-in, use the information provided in the email

  2. The email address will be pre-loaded (based on the invitation) the first time the guest lands on the Boardable log in page

    1. Create a password or continue with a 3rd party single sign-on provider

    2. After agreeing to the privacy terms, click Create Account and Join Meeting

    3. Note: it is best to do this immediately prior to the meeting. Once the account is created, the log in email and password will be required

  3. If taken to a Boardable organization page, click Guest Meeting Access

  4. The meeting will open; if prompted with a pop-up asking permission to use your camera and microphone, click Allow (this pops up at different times depending on the browser)

  5. Prior to joining the meeting, check and determine the following:

    1. Select audio (microphone source) preference

    2. Click the microphone icon to mute sound

    3. Select video (camera source) preference

    4. Click the video camera icon to block video

  6. Click Join Meeting

Note: If the desired camera and microphone options are not displayed in the dropdown, we recommend manually enabling the camera and microphone in the browser. Learn how to do it by following the link associated with the appropriate browser:

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