Use the Boardable Spotlight Diagnostics Tool to check your computer settings and internet connectivity to help your remote meetings run smoothly.

The Diagnostics Tool will check the following:

  • Browser Compatibility

  • Microphone

  • Speaker

  • Resolution

  • Internet Connection

Pro Tip: You can run the Diagnostics Tool before and during your meeting (as many times as you would like) to help troubleshoot your computer settings.

How it Works

To access the Boardable Spotlight Diagnostics Tool, click on Meetings in the left-hand menu and select your desired meeting.

Click on the Run A Video Test button located inside of the Meeting Information area to get started.

The Diagnostic Tool will open in a new tab in your browser. Feel free to bookmark this page for quick and easy access.

Click Start Test to begin.

Follow along on your screen as it checks your computer settings, and click through the prompts when instructed.

Browser Compatibility Check

This will check your browser to help determine if your browser is supported by Boardable Spotlight.

If your browser is not supported, download Google Chrome to ensure you have the best meeting experience.

Microphone Check

In this step, speak into your microphone to test your microphone settings.

Note: You will need to allow access to your microphone in order to complete this test. An alert will appear if your microphone is not enabled.

Speaker Check

Click the play button to test your speakers. If you hear music, click Yes.

Note: You will need to allow access to your audio in order to complete this test. An alert will appear if your audio is not enabled.

Resolution Check

This step will check your resolution display to ensure you have a high quality video resolution during your remote meetings.

Internet Connection Check

This will check your network connection.

Diagnostic Test Results

Review your Test Report to pinpoint your issue. Click the downward arrow on the right to expand each item to gather more information to help troubleshoot.

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