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Calendar Event Notifications
Automatically send meeting invitations and changes as calendar events.
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Boardable seamlessly connects meetings with Outlook, Google, iCalendar, and Yahoo calendars so that everyone can stay informed and prepared for meetings.

After you have scheduled your meeting, you can send a calendar event by clicking on Publish Calendar Only or Publish Full Meeting.

Note: Only the invitees selected will receive the email invitation.

Once your meeting has been published, meeting invitees will receive a calendar event from the meeting organizer by email.

Note: Meeting invitations can be added as calendar events from all email providers (Google, Outlook, Apple, etc.).

Calendar events will be sent for the following:

  • Meeting invitations

  • Meeting changes (date and time)

  • Meeting cancellations

If the invitee has not integrated their personal or work calendar with Boardable, they will be given the opportunity to RSVP and add the meeting to their calendar with the ICS file. The RSVP responses will be recorded in Boardable in real time.

In addition to the ICS file, meeting invitees will receive the following information on their calendar event:

  • Meeting name

  • Date and time

  • List of all invitees

  • Links to view and join meeting

  • Dial-in phone number and the optional pin code

Joining Video Meetings

Meeting invitees can join Boardable Spotlight meetings by clicking the Join the Spotlight meeting link.

If the video conferencing portion of your meeting is hosted on Zoom, Teams, or another 3rd party video conferencing tool, attendees can click on the Join the Spotlight meeting link to view the agenda and meeting documents or directly join by video only by clicking Join the video meeting link.

Note: The image below displays a meeting with video hosted in Google Meet.

Meeting Updates

When the meeting date or time is changed, invitees will receive a calendar event update by email.

Meeting Cancellations

Meeting invitees will also receive a calendar event cancellation notice by email when meetings are cancelled.

To learn more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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