I. Navigating the Help Center

II. Help Article Tips

III. Chat for Help

IV. Boardable Academy

I. Navigating the Help Center

Boardable's Help Center is accessed by clicking Support (located at the bottom of the main menu panel), then Help Center.

The Help Center will be displayed. If looking for a quick topic, simply type a few applicable words into the search box at the top fo the page and press return on your keyboard to search for an associated article.

The Help Center layout is based on topics; each topic contains a collection of help articles associated with that topic. Within those collections, articles are sometimes separated into sections. The sections are based on roles and permissions.

The first 5 topics in the Help Center are more general in regards to the Boardable platform.

  1. Welcome to Boardable!

    1. Provides additional information for people who are not familiar with Boardable and are not sure what it is.

  2. Getting Started with Boardable

    1. Contains articles, such as this one, to help the user get started - understanding roles, logging in for the the first time, security, resetting password, etc.

  3. Boardable Academy: Training and Learning Center

    1. Provides links to video tutorials and pdf quick guides

  4. Boardable Apps

    1. Provides information regarding Boardable's desktop and mobile apps

  5. Release Notes: Upgrades and New Features

    1. Valuable information regarding releases and the features associated with them.

    The next set of topics are based on specific main menu items within the Boardable platform in alphabetical order.

  6. Calendar

    1. To integrate or not to integrate

  7. Discussions

    1. Stay connected and share ideas through discussions

  8. Document Center

    1. Host all board files in one place

  9. Goals

    1. Set goals and work as a team to complete them, tracking progress easily

  10. Groups

    1. Understanding groups and how to work within a group

  11. Meeting Center

    1. Understanding meeting roles and everything needed to run a successful meeting, including a step-by-step guide to meetings in Boardable

  12. Meetings with Boardable Spotlight!

    1. Using Spotlight, integrating with Zoom, troubleshooting, and help for during a meeting

  13. Notifications and Notification History

    1. Information about notifications and notification history

  14. People

    1. Information about setting up users, about being a user, and understanding the initial roles and permissions assigned to users

  15. Polls

    1. Develop active, contributing board members by highlighting important decision-making items

  16. Reports

    1. Track and measure the success of the board through reports

  17. Settings and Accessibility (User)

    1. Boardable gives each user the ability to update their own profile

  18. Settings and Broadcast Announcements (Admin)

    1. Information about accessibility in Boardable, how to make broadcast announcements, as well as understand overall organization information, settings, and agenda templates

  19. Subscription

    1. Managing Boardable account, viewing invoices, and understanding plan options

  20. Tasks

    1. Assign tasks and keep track of due date; increase the board member's productivity

    The last set of topics involve FAQs and scheduled maintenance.

  21. FAQs and Miscellaneous

  22. Scheduled Maintenance and Outage Updates

II. Help Article Tips

Help articles will refer to various parts of the page to help the user locate a menu item, section, or button. To assist in this process, the picture below shows the main view when first logging in to Boardable (note that it is broken down into three parts):

  1. Main Menu Panel - also referred to as the navigation panel

  2. Profile Panel - the area at the top of the page containing the user's name

  3. Main Panel - this will display what is currently being worked on - specifically based on which tab is clicked in the main menu panel; Dashboard is displayed as a default

i. Help Article Layout

  • Table of Contents

    • Includes links to specific topics within the article; if there is no table of contents, then the article only contains one topic

  • Body of the Article

    • Detailed information for each of the links in the table of contents

  • Related Articles

    • Every help article should have related articles at the end of the article to provide the user with additional references and opportunities to expand their Boardable knowledge

ii. Notes about formatting

  • Bold will typically indicate the name of a button or tab to be clicked

  • Bold and italicized is something to be emphasized

  • Italicized words typically refer to a title

  • Underlined items are typically links to sections within the document itself or to external articles

iii. Notes about referenced roles

  • The term Administrator can get confusing since there are different levels of administration. In an effort to reduce confusion, articles will typically refer to specific administrators as follows:

    • Organization Admin: user with the Account Role of Administrator - this is the most powerful user within the platform

    • Group Admin: user who is designated as an Administrator within a group

      • Organization Admins are automatically Group Admins, but Members and Observers can be elevated to the status of Group Admin

    • Meeting Collaborator: user who is designated as Collaborator for a meeting will have administrator privileges for that meeting

      • Organization Admins are automatically Collaborators, but Members and Observers can be elevated to the status of Collaborator

III. Chat for Help

Learning a new program can be daunting, but being able to reach out for help is crucial! Boardable's chat can be accessed at anytime by doing the following:

  1. Click Support located at the bottom of the main menu panel, then Contact Support

  2. Click Send us a message

  3. A pop-up will be displayed with options to choose from - please select the appropriate topic

    1. Although clicking Something else will lead to a live support person more quickly, the background provided by selecting appropriate topics allows the support personnel to have an idea of the situation immediately

    2. The topics are initially supported by bots that will lead to common instructions or help articles that may help (as well as give context to support personnel if passed through to a live person)

  4. Don't worry, we won't lose you! If the support person has to check with their team or another Boardable team in order to ensure exceptional service, feel free to continue your work and you will get notified via email when a new response has been added

  5. Once finished with a chat session, it is helpful to provide the final answer to give feedback regarding the support received. This information helps Boardable continue to grow and better serve its customers. It also allows new chats to start so that there is not one continuous chat that is hard to follow.

  6. To start a new chat and if the Send us a message button is not displayed, click on the arrow at the top of the chat pop-up window (this reverts back to the initial chat window), then click Send us a message.

IV. Boardable Academy

The Help Center does contain help articles with links to the Boardable Academy and pdf guides, but the Boardable platform also provides a direct link. Click Support at the bottom of the main menu panel, then Boardable Academy for direct access to video tutorials, webinars, and pdf guides.

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