Set Up User Account and Log In

Note: Your welcome email will be sent to the email address your administrator used when adding you to your organization. If you cannot find the welcome email, reach out to your administrator and ask them to re-invite you to join. You may also want to make sure you have allowed the Boardable system to ensure emails make it to your primary inbox.

  1. Start with the Welcome Email from Boardable

    1. An email should arrive with "Boardable" as the sender and a subject line that reads "[Your Organization Name] Invitation to Boardable."

    2. Click Accept the Invitation within the email

  2. Verify Account

    1. On the Account Info screen, note the login email address

    2. Enter or verify your first and last name

    3. Create a Boardable password

    4. After reading and accepting the Boardable Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click Join

The Boardable platform will open.

Congratulations, you are ready to start exploring!

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