I. Indications of a Problem

II. Sharing a Zoom Account

III. RESOLVE Integration Issues

I. Indications of a Problem

This section is really to provide information and help catch an issue early - before the meeting is about to start! There are a few indicators that can alert a user that there is an issue with the Zoom integration and / or meeting connection (please refer to Resolve Integration Issues for step-by-step guide to resolving these).

Note: The following issues occur due to how Zoom detects accounts being shared on different devices.

  1. Meeting email does not display the Zoom link

    1. If the email does not display an actual Zoom link, the Zoom connection is broken

  2. Meeting page displays red highlights when Zoom is selected

    1. If Zoom is clicked and the area around this option turns red, the integration is not correctly set up

  3. Spotlight Video Meeting shows Meeting ID: nul l

    1. If Join Meeting is clicked (this can be done at anytime) and the Meeting ID is not showing properly, the Open Zoom button will not work

  4. After meeting has been fully published and sent, the edit meeting page is not displaying the Zoom meeting information

  5. Zoom Integration in My Profile settings does not display an image or account information

Note: the most common reason Zoom integration stops working is when a Zoom account is being shared across the organization or between multiple people.

II. Sharing a Zoom Account

The most common Zoom integration issue that is reported back to Boardable occurs when users are sharing a Zoom account. This is a perfectly acceptable practice as well as efficient. However, it is important to be aware of the affect it can have on Boardable meetings and what steps to take to avoid difficulty.

If a Zoom account is integrated to one person's Boardable account in the organization, that person essentially has control of the Zoom account when creating Boardable meetings. If another person integrates the same Zoom account, they have now taken control of the Zoom account for Boardable meetings and the first user's connection is broken. Here's a situation:

  • Person A integrates the Zoom account

  • Person A creates a meeting (A-M1) with the Zoom account and fully publishes it

    • The Zoom connection and link for the meeting are complete

  • Person A creates a second meeting (A-M2), not yet published

    • No Zoom link created for this meeting yet

  • Person B integrates the same Zoom account

  • Person B creates a meeting and publishes to calendar only

    • No Zoom link created for this meeting yet

  • Person A fully publishes the second meeting (A-M2)

    • Meeting A-M2 does not have the proper Zoom connection or link created because person B has control of the Zoom account

    • This user will need to Fix Integration Issues

  • Person B publishes their meeting prior to Person A resolving their issues

    • The Zoom connection and link for the meeting are complete

Here are a couple of steps to take that can help ease the shared Zoom account tug of war:

  1. If it is known the Zoom account is shared

    1. Prior to creating a meeting, reset the Zoom integration

      1. Please refer to steps 1-6 in Fix Integration Issues

  2. Check health of Zoom integration for a meeting prior to the meeting start

    1. Please refer to option 3 in Check Zoom Integration Health

    2. If a meeting displays the proper meeting ID, then the Zoom integration was working when the meeting was published and the connection is in place

III. Resolve Integration Issues

The following are reasons why an integration issue has occurred and the fixes to ensure proper connectivity. The fixes for issues 2 and 3 are the same.

  1. Meeting not published

    1. In order for the Zoom connection to occur:

      1. A meeting must be fully published

      2. The notification must be sent

      3. Please refer to Publish Full Meeting for Zoom Connection

  2. Shared Zoom account

    1. Please refer to Fix Integration Issues

  3. Zoom integration did not fully engage

    1. Please refer to Fix Integration Issues

Publish Full Meeting for Zoom Connection

This is for the first time the meeting is fully published:

  1. Navigate to the meeting page

    1. Click Publish Full Meeting in the right menu panel

  2. Ensure that Send email calendar invite has a checkmark and click Publish

    1. If not ready to send to invitees, simply uncheck Members or each of their names, but the email calendar invite must be sent in order for the Zoom connection to be created for this meeting

Fix Integration Issues

  1. Click your name at the top of the Boardable page

    1. Click My Profile from the drop-down menu

  2. Click Zoom Integration

  3. Click Remove Zoom account

  4. Click Zoom Integration again

  5. Click Integrate Account With Zoom

  6. Close the Zoom message

    1. Boardable already has the information from the previous link, so the account will be linked immediately

  7. Navigate to the meeting page of the meeting having difficulty

  8. Click Edit Meeting Info

  9. Click Save

  10. Send Update Notifications pop-up appears

    1. The Send email calendar invite/event update must be checked- this is how Zoom is notified of the connection.

    2. Other options can be checked or unchecked as desired

    3. Click Send

  11. If there are additional meetings with the same issue, repeats steps 7-10 for each meeting.

Note: Good news! Once a meeting is published with the proper Zoom integration, even if the Zoom integration is lost again - the meetings that were already published will still contain the proper Zoom meeting links and connection.

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