I. Access a Group's Page

II. Working from the Group Page

III. View Group's Latest Activity

I. Access a Group's Page

There are a couple of ways to access a group's Group Page. The easiest way, and the one accessible to all roles is through My Groups.

  1. Click My Groups from the main menu panel to show the drop-down list of personal groups, then click on the appropriate group's name

  2. Click Groups from the main menu panel (not available to Observers) to access the list of current groups within the Organization, then click on the appropriate group's name

II. Working from the Group Page

One of the advantages of working from the group page is that everything is accessible from this page.

When creating a meeting, discussion, or adding a poll:

  • The group is automatically included, with all members listed

  • Each time a group is selected on the left, the people in that group are added onto the People list on the right

  • It is easy to remove individuals (just click the red x next to their name) for a particular activity

  • Add groups (as there may be times that groups need to join forces), and even assign additional individuals.

When working in a group, the easiest way to understand what is happening with the group and who is participating, is to look at its Group Page.

Meetings, discussions, polls, documents - everything that is important, for the work of the group to be successful, is easily accessible from the Group Page. A group's Group Page features the following sections, in order, specific to activities only within this group:

III. View Group's Latest Activity

After accessing the group's Group Page, the latest activity is displayed directly beneath the goals (if the group has created any goals). This area shows the description of the group at the top, then lists the last five actions that have occurred within this group, when they were performed, and who performed them. Links associated with an action taken (such as meetings, discussions, etc.) are also included.

The icon displayed on the left of the activity provides a quick reference to the type of activity that occurred:

  • Discussions or comments

  • Documents

  • Group changes

  • Meetings

  • Polls

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