I. Use the Chat Feature

II. Attention Grabbers

III. Review Past Chats

I. Use the Chat Feature

Share links, ask questions with less disruption, make suggestions, respond to information, and much more - chat is a useful tool to further enrich the meeting experience!

To access and use the chat feature:

  1. While in the meeting, the meeting view will look similar to the one below.

  2. Click the chat icon tab in the Navigation Panel

  3. The Chat panel will appear

  4. Type in the chat box at the bottom of the panel and hit Return / Enter on the keyboard or click the paper airplane icon to begin chatting

  5. The name of the person who typed the message, the time, and the message are displayed in the Chat Panel for everyone in the meeting to view

II. Attention Grabbers

Sometimes in meetings there are special announcements to be made, goals to be met, or it's just time to get everyone's attention. Emojis and giphys are a great way to do that.


To add an emoji in a comment:

  1. Click the emoji icon in the chat box

  2. Scroll through the available emojis and click the desired one - it will appear in the chat box

  3. Type any additional comments and click the paper airplane icon to send


To send a giphy in chat:

  1. Click the giphy icon in the chat box

  2. Type in the search box at the top and hit return to view results

    1. Scroll through to see all of the options or create another search

    2. Click on the desired giphy and it is immediately sent (it cannot be removed, so choose wisely)

III. Review Past Chats

A lot of useful information can end up in the Chat Panel. To view chats from previous meetings:

  1. Search for the meeting on the calendar or check the Meetings list and click the Past tab

  2. Find the desired meeting and click on the meeting name to open it

  3. Click the Join Meeting button to open and view the meeting

  4. Click the chat icon tab in the Navigation Panel

  5. All of the information entered in the Chat Panel from the meeting will be displayed

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