Log in Without Password

Logging in without a password is a secure method that will send a link directly to your email address that allows you to access your Boardable account with one click.

Step 1: Enter in your Boardable login email and click Submit

Step 2: Check your email for a Log in to Boardable email

Step 3: Click the Log In button/link within that email to log into your Boardable account

  • Once you're logged in, you can reset your password in your My Profile settings under Login and Password.

[Note] Currently, you cannot reset your password via the mobile app login page.

Boardable Password Policy

  • Passwords for Boardable must be 8 characters

  • List of top 1,000 commonly used passwords excluded

  • Passwords are encrypted

[Note] When you click the stay logged in box, your account will stay logged in for 14 days on the web app and 30 days on the mobile app.

Log in with Reset Password

If you are having trouble logging into Boardable, you can reset your password with Forgot your Password featured in this article.

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