I. What is the People Directory?

The People directory displays all members of an organization. It is accessible to all types of Account Roles with varying permissions:

  • Administrators (aka Organization Admins)

    • Add or remove users in the People directory

    • Assign Account Roles

    • Add user's board term from and to dates

    • Send Welcome Invitations and check the status of invitations

    • Edit user profile information (Admins cannot change a user's login email, first / last name and password unless the user has not logged in for the first time)

    • View user's last activity and invitation status

    • Export People Directory CSV file

  • Members and Observers

    • Ability to view all users within the People directory - photo, contact information, groups involved in, etc.

    • Ability to search for people

    • Option to Edit when viewing their own profile only - same as choosing My Profile (please refer to Related Articles for more information)

To access the People directory:

  • Click People from the main menu panel

The user's Account Roles are clearly marked on their photo (the letters can be seen when using the expanded view):

  1. Administrator: green dot with an "A"

  2. Member: no dot

  3. Observer: gray dot with an "O"

II. View Options in People Directory

There are two view options in the People directory. The default view is based on the number of users in the organization:

  1. Condensed: small photo icons displaying name and title

    1. Default if >20 users in the organization

  2. Expanded: large photo icons displaying more detailed information

    1. Default if <=20 users in the organization

Note: as Organization Admin, the Status of User is visible in either view.

To change the view:

  1. Click on the current view's name in the panel under the word People

    1. If the current view is "Expanded", click Expanded to change to Condensed

    2. If the current view is "Condensed", click Condensed to change to Expanded

III. Using Search

Use the search feature to find someone:

  1. Click in the People search box

  2. Type the person's name and press return / Enter on your keyboard

    1. The search results will be displayed - click on the desired name to view more details

IV. Using Sort

Note: this is available to Organization Admins (users with Account Role of Administrator) only.

There are several options for sorting the People directory:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Invitation Status

  • Last Activity - oldest to newest

  • Last Activity - newest to oldest

To sort the People directory:

  1. Click the sort by box at the top of the People page

  2. Click the desired selection

V. Status of Users

Note: this is viewed by Organization Admins only.

In the far right of the People list, Organization Admins can see the user's status. This displays the user's invitation status (not sent, delivered, pending) and the last date and time they were logged in to Boardable.

  • Invitation not sent: user was created, but Send Later was pressed when asked to notify

    • Click the Send button next to the invitations not yet sent at the top of the People page

  • Invitation delivered: invitation delivered to user's in box

  • Invitation pending: invited user has not interacted with the invitation

  • Last Activity: last date and time user logged in to Boardable

Troubleshooting: if a user's status stays at Invitation Pending for a long time, it may be that the email address is not correct or was not received properly. Take these steps to ensure the user is properly notified:

  1. Double check that the email address is correct in Boardable

    1. If it is not, click edit next to the user's name to update

    2. After saving the update, put a check mark next to the person's name on the People directory and click Send Invitations from the right menu panel

  2. Check with the user to ensure the email address is correct

    1. If address is not correct, update as explained above

    2. If address is correct, ask the user to check their spam / junk folder

VI. Edit User Information

Organization Admins have access to edit any user within the organization by clicking the small edit button next to the user's name in the People directory.

  • For details on editing users, please refer to Related Articles, specifically the one titled Edit Users in Boardable

Users within Boardable have access to edit their own profile.

  • For details on editing profile information, please refer to Related Articles, specifically the one titled My Profile Settings

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