I. Access Meeting Page

Access the Meeting Page in one of the following ways:

  1. Through Meetings:

    1. Click Meetings from the Main Menu Panel to access the list of current meetings

    2. Click on the meeting name to open the meeting page

      1. Click View More at the bottom of the meetings list if the meeting date is a later date than those displayed

      2. Click Upcoming Unpublished if the meeting is not yet published at all

  2. Through My Groups:

    1. Click My Groups from the Main Menu Panel to show the drop-down list of personal groups

    2. Click on the appropriate group's name associated with the meeting

    3. Click on the meeting name from the group page to open the meeting page

  3. From the Calendar:

    1. Click Calendar from the Main Menu Panel

    2. Navigate to the date / time of the meeting

    3. Click on the meeting name to open the meeting page

II. Edit Meeting Info

To edit a single date or multi-day meeting:

  1. From the meeting page, click Edit Meeting Info

  2. Make changes to any of the following:

    1. Date / Time (for single day or any days in a multi-day meeting)

      1. The option to Use Scheduler is available (please refer to Related Articles for more information on Find a Date)

      2. Note that when editing the From time, the to time does not change - each will need to be updated separately

    2. Title

    3. Video Options

    4. Location

    5. Description

    6. People

  3. When finished with all updates, click Save

  4. Published vs Unpublished

    1. If the meeting was already published

      1. The Send Update Notifications pop-up window will be displayed (refer to Related Articles for additional information regarding notifications)

        1. Make the appropriate selections and ensure that notifications will be sent to the individuals desired

        2. Click Send

    2. If the meeting was unpublished, the meeting page will be displayed showing the updates

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