I. Using Comments on the Meeting Page

Anyone with access to the meeting page can add a comment and everyone can read the comments added there. If the option is made to only notify certain individuals, that means that notification of the comment (in-app and email) only went to those selected people. The comment remains visible to anyone accessing the meeting page in the Boardable platform.

If additional privacy is required, consider creating a small group and adding a discussion there. Please refer to Related Articles for more information.

To add a comment to the meeting page:

  1. Navigate to the meeting page

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the meeting page to New Comment

  3. Type the message into the message box under New Comment

    1. Formatting options are available above the message box (bold, italic, bullets, numbers, links)

  4. Click + Attach File to add a file attachment to the comment

    1. The Attach Documents pop-up will open

    2. The first tab, Upload, is selected, click Choose Files to choose a file from your computer; otherwise click on the tab that represents where the file is located

  5. Select who should receive notifications

    1. This would create an in-app notification as well as send an email to the individuals with a checkmark

    2. If nobody is selected to notify, the comment can still be seen on the meeting page when users log in

  6. Click Add Comment

  7. The comment will appear above the New Comment section

II. Deleting Comments on the Meeting Page

If a user made a comment that they want to remove, they are able to delete it themselves.

Only Organization Admins can delete comments made by others on the meeting page.

To delete a comment:

  1. Navigate to the meeting page

  2. Scroll to the Comments section and find the comment to be deleted

  3. Click the red X next to that comment

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