I. Overview of Free-Form and Classic Minutes

Classic is the original option Boardable offered to create meeting minutes. Classic minutes are no longer available to organizations that joined after mid-2021. Free-form is the current feature used to create meeting minutes.

Here are some advantages to Free-Form Minutes:

  • Create and Edit

    • Option to create minutes from agenda or from scratch

    • Edit from meeting page or in Boardable Spotlight (during a meeting or after)

    • Editing locked from others while one person is editing

    • Changes automatically saved

    • Formatting options:

      • Plain text

      • Heading

      • Page breaks

    • Re-order

      • Move any heading up or down and it will automatically update the numbering

      • Put all decisions together, all votes together, etc. - or put each under a specific topic

  • Special Features

    • Attendance

      • Can be taken during the meeting in minutes in Boardable Spotlight

      • Members and guests are listed separately

    • Lists

      • Add numbered or bulleted lists

    • Tasks

      • Can be created within minutes - including member assignment and due date

    • Votes

      • Can be added within minutes - including member names, votes, and notes for each

      • Guest and Member votes are displayed separately

  • More to come!

II. How to Choose Free-Form or Classic (if available)

If the option is available, it is displayed when creating or editing a meeting (for help on how to create or edit a meeting, please refer to Related Articles).

While creating or editing a meeting:

  • The Minutes Options will appear after the Description section

    • Free-form minutes are selected by default

    • If the option is not showing, you do not have access to Classic minutes

III. Are My Minutes Free-Form or Classic?

Here are a few ways to know whether you are editing in free-form or classic minutes.

  1. From Meeting Page (Take Minutes or Edit Minutes has been clicked)

    1. Free-form

      1. The top of the page notes that it is free-form

      2. Edits are automatically saved; + sign on the left provides add-on options and the 4 dots on the right provide a way to move or delete

      3. + sign provides a list of add-on options (scroll through to see all)

    2. Classic

      1. The top of the page notes that it is classic

      2. Each line being edited has a Save button and a small drop-down

  2. From Spotlight (Join Meeting has been clicked):

    1. Free-form

      1. If no minutes have been started, options will appear to create minutes

        1. Editing will continue within Spotlight

      2. If minutes are already started

        1. Click the lock to begin editing - editing can continue within Spotlight during the meeting (or anytime)

        2. Optional adde-ons to the Minutes are available from a + drop-down

    2. Classic

      1. Displays a message that Classic is being used

        1. When Edit Minutes is clicked, a new page opens for editing outside of Spotlight

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