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Learn more about possible difficulties, what Spotlight has to offer, and how to troubleshoot when in a meeting.
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No major issues reported

Note: if you are currently experiencing an issue with your Spotlight meeting, please email support@boardable.com or send us a message through chat (outside of Spotlight).


  1. AirPod use

    1. Some users are experiencing reports that their voice sounds robotic when using AirPods - turn off Voice Focus (found in the microphone options)

  2. Camera and Microphone - unable to access

    1. Ensure access has been granted to allow use of the camera and microphone

    2. On a Mac computer:

    3. On a Windows computer:

    4. On Google Chrome:

    5. For all others, please search for how to control camera and microphone settings

  3. Echoing during the call

    1. You may be too close to another computer whose audio is active - try using a high-quality headset or disable audio on all computers but one, when conferencing in close proximity

    2. Check the connection of your camera (if using an external one)

    3. Change browsers (i.e. if using Safari, leave the meeting and try joining from Chrome)

  4. Low bandwidth issues

    1. Turn off the video option if you are experiencing low bandwidth

  5. Mac performance issues

    1. Check the iOS version - Boardable recommends macOS Monterey 12.1 for the best experience (click the apple icon, then About This Mac to see what version you are using)

  6. Mobile users joining the meeting

    1. At this time, we are seeing that there could be a negative impact to the meeting experience for everyone if attendees are joining through their mobile devices - for the best experience, ask those attendees to dial-in - we are working on updating our mobile experience


To learn everything about Boardable Spotlight, please visit the Meetings with Boardable Spotlight collection! For some quick references while in the meeting, here are some links to our help articles.


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