I. View Dial-in Phone Number and Pin

II. Join Meeting via Dial-In

I. View Dial-in Phone Number and Pin

After a Boardable Spotlight meeting is fully published, a Dial-in phone number will automatically be created for that specific meeting, and will only be accessible while that meeting is taking place.

The Dial-in phone number will remain the same for multiple meetings, but Dial-in PINs are not transferrable and will be unique to each individual meeting.

Note: Dial-in supports International calling!

To view the dial-in information:

  1. Log in to Boardable

  2. Navigate to the meeting page in one of the following ways (skip to #3 if already experienced)

    1. Via the Dashboard

      1. Click Dashboard from the main menu panel

      2. Find the meeting in the Upcoming section

      3. Click the meeting name

    2. Via the Calendar

      1. Click Calendar from the main menu panel

      2. Navigate to the appropriate date

      3. Click the meeting name

    3. Via Meetings

      1. Click Meetings from the main menu panel

      2. Find the meeting on the list under Upcoming Published

      3. Click the meeting name

    4. Via Groups (if applicable)

      1. Click My Groups from the main menu panel

      2. Click on the name of the group associated with the meeting

      3. Click on the meeting name under the Meetings section of the group page

  3. Click the Join Meeting button

    1. The Join Meeting button will appear for any meeting that has a video conference option selected, whether it's Boardable Spotlight, Zoom, or another link

  4. There are 3 ways to view the dial-in information for the meeting

    1. From the meeting invite received via email

    2. Once in the meeting, click on the information icon next to the meeting name in the top menu bar to display the dial-in information

    3. Only for Meeting Owner, Admin, or Collaborator, the initial screen ()prior to starting the meeting) will include the dial-in information

II. Join Meeting via Dial-in

To participate in a Boardable Spotlight meeting by phone:

  1. From your phone (or internet calling capability), dial the phone number provided for meeting

  2. Once prompted, enter the PIN associated with the meeting followed by the "#" sign

  3. You're in! (Don't forget to press mute on your phone when not speaking!)

    1. The dialed-in person will show a picture of a phone with their phone number listed below

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