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What does it mean to be a Guest in a Boardable Meeting?
What does it mean to be a Guest in a Boardable Meeting?

This article provides an overview of what it's like to be a Guest in a Boardable meeting.

Written by Kara O'Neil
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Table of Contents

I. Introduction to Guest Meeting Role

A guest is a person invited to a specific meeting who does not otherwise have access to the Boardable platform.

The following aspects of the meeting experience are supported for guests:

  • Receipt of email invite notifications and email update notifications

  • Video conferencing component

  • Meeting agenda

The rest of the Boardable platform is not available to guests. This includes meeting documents other than the agenda or RSVPing on the meeting page.

II. Add Guests to Meeting

Note: only email addresses which do not belong to a current observer, member, or admin can be added to a meeting as a guest

To add a guest to a meeting:

  1. Navigate to and complete the first page of Create a meeting form, then click Continue; to learn how to do this, please refer to Related Articles

  2. Click Add guests

    1. Add guests menu pops out

  3. List first name and email address in Add guests menu; last name optional

  4. Click Add guest

  5. Click Save

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