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Learn how to be a part of discussions as well as understand the permissions within a discussion.

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I. View Discussions

All discussions that a user is a part of, whether created in a group or not, can be viewed from the Discussions page.

To view all discussions invited to:

  1. Click Discussions from the left menu panel

Best practice: discussions from the Discussions page will provide a more complete view of discussions a user is involved in (within a group and outside of the group). A discussion is only a part of a group if the group name is selected in the discussion itself.

To view a discussion within a group:

  1. Navigate to the group through Groups from the main menu panel

  2. Click Discussions in the top navigation menu

  3. Click on the name of the discussion to open it

II. Participate in Discussions

Any role within Boardable can participate in discussions. Although Observers cannot create discussions themselves, they can participate by sending messages in discussions they are invited to be a part of.

To participate in a discussion:

  1. Navigate to, and open, the discussion (refer to View Discussion)

  2. Read the messages written by others

    1. When viewing a list of discussions, the latest message will always appear under the name of the discussion, along with who wrote the message

  3. Add a new message

    1. Type a message in the message box at the bottom of the page - utilize options to format and even include a link or attach a file

    2. Members of the discussion are automatically notified

    3. To get an individual's attention or add them to the discussion, mention them using the @ symbol

      1. type @, then start typing their name, then select their name

    4. Once the message is complete, click Send

III. Discussion Permissions

The discussion permissions based on Account Role are as follows:

  • Administrator

    • Create discussions

    • Edit /delete / close / archive discussions they are invited to or they created

    • View and add messages to discussions invited to

    • Edit or delete their own messages within a discussion

  • Member

    • Create a discussion

    • Edit / delete / close / archive discussions they created

    • View and add messages to discussions invited to

    • Edit or delete their own messages within a discussion

  • Observer

    • View and add messages to discussions invited to

    • Edit / delete their own messages within a discussion

The discussion permissions for groups are the same as discussion permissions based on account role. Members and Observers elevated to Group Admin role do not have extra permissions with discussions.

Discussion Privacy: if the discussion is within a group - but some members of the group should not be included in the discussion - do the following when adding to the discussion:

  • Select the group, then delete just the individuals listed that should not be a part of the discussion (this keeps the discussion on the group page, but only those invited can see it)


  • Select each individual one at a time without selecting a group (this discussion will only be available through the Discussions page accessed from the main menu panel)

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