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Delete User(s) in Boardable
Delete User(s) in Boardable
Learn how to delete a user in Boardable and what happens when the user is deleted.
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I. Delete Boardable User(s)

Note: only Organization Admins can delete a user.

To delete a Boardable user or users:

  1. Click People from the main menu panel to open the People directory

  2. Click in the box next to the person's name to add a checkmark

    1. Repeat this for every user that should be deleted

  3. The number of people selected will show in the pop up window (designated in picture below by rectangle)

    1. Click Delete (designated in picture below by arrow)

  4. The Are you sure? pop-up window will be displayed

    1. Verify that the correct user or users are listed

    2. Click OK to confirm

    3. The user(s) are now removed from the People directory

II. What it Means to Delete a User

The following happens when a user is deleted by an Organization Admin:

  1. The user is removed from the People directory

  2. The user no longer has access to the Boardable platform

  3. The user no longer has access to any meetings they created or were invited to

The following remains when a user is deleted:

  1. The user's name will still be displayed as the owner of a meeting

  2. The user's name will still appear in comments, polls, tasks, or meetings they were involved in

  3. The user can be added back in and re-invited to Boardable with their information retained (the log in email address will need to be the same as previous until the user has logged in again - then the user can update it themselves if desired)

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