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Multi-day Agendas

Learn how multi-day agendas work, and how to create them

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I. Introduction to Multi-Day Agendas

Each day in a multi-day meeting can have its own agenda items.

On the Agenda tab of a meeting page, these items are separated into sub-tabs by day.

While the agenda for each day can be created and edited from the same meeting page, each acts as an independent agenda. This includes the following behaviors:

  • The Public Meeting Page for a multi-day meeting displays only the first day's agenda in its Agenda tab

  • Email attendees messages for which Agenda Attached is enabled only send the first day's agenda

  • The No Docs view of the Agenda PDF shows only the first day's agenda

    • However, the default view (with docs) of the agenda PDF does include the agendas for all days in the meeting

  • The Agenda Documents Folder only includes files attached to the first day's agenda

  • Board Packets for multi-day meetings include only the agenda attachments for the day the board packet is generated from

Minutes started from multi-day agendas compile the agenda items from all days into one, continuous list.

II. Add Days to Multi-Day Meeting Agendas

To add agenda items for days in a multi-day meeting other than the first:

  1. Navigate to the agenda

  2. Click the desired Day from the tab selection at the top of the screen

  3. Choose from below:

    1. Click Start from Scratch to start the selected day from a blank slate as described in Build Agenda from Scratch

    2. Click Start from Template to use a template for the selected day as described in Related Articles

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