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Upload Multiple Documents to Document Center
Upload Multiple Documents to Document Center

Learn how to add many files to the Document Center at once

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I. Introduction to Bulk Upload

There are two ways to bulk upload files. The first is by compressing these on the device into a zipped file, then adding them via the Upload a document menu.

The second option is to select multiple files, then drag and drop these from the device directory to the Document Center.

In both cases, the Document title is set as what the file's name on the device was before upload, and there are no Notes or Notifications.

II. How to Upload Multiple Files Simultaneously

Zip files and use Upload a Document menu

To upload multiple files at once, compress the desired documents to a .zip file on the device prior to upload:

  • On a Mac:

    • Select these files in then device directory

    • Right click; options drop down

    • Click Compress from these options

  • On a PC:

    • Place these files in a folder on the device directory

    • Right click on the name of the folder; options drop down

    • Click Send to

    • Click Compressed (zipped) folder

Once the zipped file is created, its contents can be uploaded in bulk to the Document center:

  1. Click Documents in Boardable's main menu

  2. Click New

    1. Options drop down

  3. Click Upload File

    1. Upload a document menu pops up

  4. Click the field labeled Drop files here or click to upload

    1. The file directory pop-up window will appear (Finder, File Explorer, Launcher, etc. depending on operating system)

  5. Click the title of the zipped folder; this

  6. Click in the box next to Unzip files after uploading to add a checkmark

  7. Click Save

    1. The contents of the zipped file are then uploaded as individual documents

Drag and Drop Multiple Files

  1. Click Documents in Boardable's main menu

    1. Document center opens

  2. Open the device's document navigation (i.e. Finder, Explorer, etc.)

  3. Select multiple files from the device's document navigation

  4. Click and drag these to the Document Center, holding down the mouse button

  5. Release the mouse button

    1. Files are added to the Document Center

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