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Subscription Plans and Customer Support
Subscription Plans and Customer Support

Learn about the difference between Boardable subscription plans and the customer support included with each plan.

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I. Subscription Plans

There are three subscription plans available:

  1. Essentials: for small boards

  2. Professional: for growth-oriented organizations wanting to add efficiency

  3. Enterprise: for large teams wanting to scale quickly; custom plans with custom amount of users

Please visit Boardable's pricing page for the latest in plans and features!

II. Support & Training

There are three different groupings for customer support and training:

  1. Onboarding Training: includes on-demand resources or personalized training opportunities to provide the tools necessary to onboard quickly

  2. Success Management: access to regular check-ins with a designated success manager and product expert to assist in optimizing Boardable to achieve the organization's goals

  3. Technical Support: dedicated help center with in-product bots, chats, email, and premium technical support available to provide support whenever questions arise

Please visit Boardable's pricing page and refer to Related Articles for more information on support and training opportunities!

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