Getting Started with Boardable

Understanding roles and learning how to get started in the Boardable platform.

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Boardable Mobile App and Desktop App

Learn about Boardable's Mobile (take it with you for updates on the go!) and Desktop apps.

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Boardable calendar and personal/work calendar: Google, Outlook, or Apple

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Stay connected and share ideas with discussions

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Document Center

Document Center hosts all the files your board needs in one place. Simplicity of organizing documents without digging up email attachments.

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Goals feature to help boards see how they’re performing on a variety of values so that they can achieve everything they want.

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Learn more about Boardable Groups

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Meeting Center

Everything you need to know to run a more productive and efficient meeting.

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Meetings with Boardable Spotlight!

The essential meeting platform for boards and teams

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Notifications and Notification History

Learn more about how Notifications work in the Boardable platform.

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People Directory

Inviting people and managing users in the People directory.

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Polling helps you develop active, contributing board members. It highlights important decision-making items between and leading up to meetings.

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Track and measure the success of your organization’s goals and board initiatives

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Settings and Accessibility (User)

Boardable gives each user the ability to update their own profile and accessibility settings!

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Settings and Broadcast Announcements (Admin)

Organization Settings and Broadcast Announcements

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Free, Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise Plans

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Keep track of tasks and due dates, increasing every board member’s productivity and accountability.

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FAQs and Miscellaneous

FAQs and Miscellaneous Boardable product tips and answers

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Release Notes: Upgrades and New Features

Learn about our new and exciting features at Boardable!

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Drafts - HA Writer

Draft help files

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