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To get started with Boardable, sign up for your free trial and complete your New Account Registration. You can read more about the terms of our free trial here if you have questions!

New Account Registration

[Note] You have the ability to use the same Boardable User Account login email and password for multiple boards and organizations. No need to create another User Account!

Step 1: To begin your free trial, the first step is to fill in your New User Account information:

  • Use a Single-Sign On option or sign up with your email and password, then click Get Started

Step 2: Fill in your new organization's name and click agree to Boardable's Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

[Note] If you already have a Boardable account and want to create a new organization, you will need to log into Boardable and click Create New Organization from the dropdown underneath the logo on the top left that says Switch Accounts.

You're In!

All accounts start with a free trial. You can change your account to a paid account by adding a credit card and selecting a plan in Boardable. Don't worry, we will prompt you when it's time. 

Setting Up Your Organization

To finish setting up your account, follow the steps below. You can access each step by clicking on them from the list on your dashboard, but at the end of this article are the steps to achieve each goal more organically.

Updating the Announcement Section

Administrators are the only users that can edit the announcement section. 

  1. Locate and Click “Settings” in the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Go to the Dashboard Message and update as you wish

  3. Click "Save."

After you update the Dashboard Message you will see the changes on your dashboard.

[Note] Administrators can also click on the blue pencil icon to update the message from the Dashboard.

Upgrading from a Free Trial to a Paid Subscription

All information uploaded during the Boardable trial period will remain if the account upgrades to a paid account. If you let your trial expire and do not upgrade to a paid account, you will be locked out of your account. 

You can reactivate at any time with a credit card. All of your information will remain intact in the meantime.

  1. Locate the 'Subscription' tab at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar 

  2. Choose a Plan (paid monthly or annually)

  3. Additional groups of users can be purchased in sets of 5

  4. Enter your credit card information

  5. If you have a coupon, Click "Have a coupon code?"  and enter coupon code

  6. Click "Submit"

You have successfully set up a new account! Welcome to Boardable!  

Invoice Access

You now have access to your account invoices.

  • Download a PDF in the section below Credit Card and click "Invoice Id"

Where to Go from Here:

  1. Adding People

  2. Creating Groups (your committees, boards, teams, etc.)

  3. Step-by-Step Guide to a Meeting Process 

  4. Adding Folders and Uploading Documents

  5. Adding Profile Information

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