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Calendar Event Notifications FAQ
Calendar Event Notifications FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only sync calendar events with Google and Outlook?

Calendar events can be synced across all email providers.

How does this impact me if I've already integrated my calendar with Boardable?

If your calendar is already integrated, calendar events will be added automatically to your calendar and you will have to RSVP by logging into your Boardable account. We recommend removing your calendar integration or iCalendar subscription so that you can receive the new calendar event notifications.

Do I need to integrate my calendar?

You don’t need to integrate your calendar and we strongly encourage you to not integrate your calendar so that you can receive the improved new calendar event notifications and have the ability to view, RSVP, and join meetings directly from your calendar.

What happens if I disconnect my calendar Google calendar integration?

If your calendar was integrated before the release of the new event calendar notifications (released on June 22, 2021), we strongly recommend that you to leave your calendar integrated for the time being. If you have disconnected your calendar integration, all of your upcoming meetings will be removed for your calendar. Please reintegrate your Google calendar to ensure your upcoming meetings are displayed on your calendar. Our team is actively working towards a solution for those who prefer to disconnect their calendar integration in order to receive the new calendar event notifications.

Can I schedule meetings from my calendar and view availability?

Meetings still have to be scheduled in Boardable. To check for availability, utilize the Find a Meeting Date feature.

How are multi-day meeting scheduled on calendars?

Multi-day meetings will be sent as a calendar event but the invitee will receive separate calendar invites for each day.

Are the agenda and documents linked on the calendar?

Meeting documents are currently not included in the calendar event. Click on the meeting link to take you directly to your agenda and meeting documents.

I am unable to view who have received the meeting invitation and meeting changes in my Notifications History.

It is very likely the calendar event was delivered. Our team is actively working towards a solution to ensure all calendar event notifications are captured in the Notifications History.

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