Boardable Mobile App Overview

Learn how to get the mobile app, view a demo, and log in with a password, magic link, or Google.

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I. Introduction to Boardable's Mobile App

The full Boardable Mobile App, for both Apple iOS and Android devices, is available to all organizations already using Boardable that are hosted through the United States data center, . The app is available for organizations on paid subscriptions and throughout the free trial. Please be aware that although the Canadian and European hosted organizations will not have access to the mobile app, the web version of Boardable is still available on mobile devices.

Note: Boardable's Mobile App is not intended for ARM based computers (such as Macs with M1) that allow mobile app downloads; please utilize Boardable's desktop app or Boardable via a web browser for the best experience on larger screen devices.

The Boardable Mobile App is optimized for the on-the-go member experience. The primary use case is convenient access to the most important content for an organization's Members and Observers (meeting times and locations, agendas, documents, group discussions, and more).

Administrators will have access to all organizational information from the mobile app, including quick reference for RSVP statuses of members and new discussion items, but the heavier administrative processes of adding content (like new meetings and groups) are still best conducted in the Boardable web platform.

II. Log In and Get Started


  • Access via the app is only supported for login with password and login with Google

  • Send Magic Link sends a link that opens in a mobile web browser

Once the app is downloaded to the device:

  1. Tap the Boardable mobile app to open it

  2. Use one of the following options to log in:

    1. Standard Log In

      1. Enter email address assigned in the user profile

      2. Enter password

      3. Tap Login

    2. Send Magic Link

      1. Enter email address assigned in the user profile

      2. Tap Send Magic Link

      3. Go to external email from same device

        1. Open email from Boardable

        2. Tap Log In

          1. A mobile web browser opens logged in to Boardable organization

    3. Use Google

      1. Tap Google

      2. Enter Google log in information

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