Remove Zoom Integration

Learn how to disconnect the links between your Zoom account and your Boardable account.

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I. Remove Zoom from Boardable

There may be several reasons for removing the Zoom account from Boardable, such as:

  1. Zoom account is no longer active

  2. Use a different Zoom account

  3. Zoom no longer needed

  4. Issues with current Zoom integration

To remove:

  1. Click the grey silhouette or profile picture at the top right side of the screen

    1. Click User Settings from the drop-down menu

  2. Click Integrations

  3. Click Remove Zoom account

  4. The account is removed - to verify, if desired, click Zoom Integration again

II. Remove Boardable from Zoom

When creating the Zoom integration in Boardable, Boardable creates a link to the Zoom account. Zoom also creates a link to Boardable by including it as an installed app on the Zoom account. If Zoom integration is removed from Boardable and the link will no longer be used, it is good practice to also remove Boardable from Zoom.

To remove Boardable from Zoom:

  1. Click this link: Zoom Marketplace

    1. If not signed in, click Sign In and sign in to the Zoom account

  2. Click Manage at the top of the window (once signed in)

  3. Click Installed Apps on the left

  4. Find Boardable and click Uninstall

  5. Choose a reason on the pop-up window and click Uninstall

  6. Uninstall App Successfully will briefly appear in green at the top of the page - feel free to log out and / or close this window

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