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Add Video Conferencing to a Meeting
Add Video Conferencing to a Meeting

Meeting remotely? Quickly add a third-party remote option (i.e. Boardable Spotlight, Zoom, etc.) to your meeting!

Written by Jocelyn Gombos
Updated over a week ago

[Note] Videoconference options are only available on Grassroots, Essentials, Professional, or Enterprise plans.

This article covers how to add a video conferencing tool (like Boardable Spotlight, Zoom, or Other Link like Google Meet) to your meeting, what your meeting page looks like after that information has been saved, and how your attendees can join the meeting.

Add a Videoconference Option

Step 1: Select Meetings from the left main side panel

Step 2: Select your meeting or create a new one by clicking the +Add Meeting button

Step 3: Navigate to the Edit or New Meeting page and scroll down to Video Options underneath the meeting's description field

Step 4: Select Spotlight, Zoom, or Custom. (The Custom Link box can be used for Google Meet or another third party videoconference tool.)

If you select Zoom, you will need to integrate your Zoom account first.

If you select Other Link, you will need to add in the Remote URL and passcode (optional) into the appropriate fields.

Step 5: Scroll down and click Save at the bottom of the page, then publish your meeting. Once it's been saved and published, a Join Web Conference button will appear at the top of your meeting page.

Join a Video Meeting

Your meeting attendees can join the meeting using the Join Web Conference near the top of the meeting's screen:

  • If Boardable Spotlight is selected, clicking the button will take them directly into that meeting and will allow Members to join once an account Administrator has started the meeting.

    • When joining the meeting, the first account Administrator or Meeting Creator/Collaborator to select a location from the dropdown selects the location for all users in the meeting.

    • Selecting the region closest to your meeting attendees will improve the meeting's experience.

  • If Zoom or Other Link is selected, clicking the Join Web Conference button will open in a new tab or the appropriate app and the attendees can log in or join from there.

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