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Board Packet Quick Print
Board Packet Quick Print
Compile all meeting agenda files and documents into one printable PDF.
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I. Overview of Board Packets

Board meeting preparation just got easier! Instead of spending hours preparing board books, use the new Board Packet Quick Print feature to create one printable PDF of all relevant meeting agenda documents.

Note: Board Packet Quick Print is only available to organizations on the Professional or Enterprise plan. Please refer to Related Articles for information on subscriptions.

The Board Packet option is available after the agenda has been created and the meeting has been fully published. The board packet compiles relevant information into a pdf file by including the agenda and any documents attached to agenda items. All documents included in the board packet will be converted to pdf. The types of document files recognized by the Board Packet are as follows:

  • Apple: Keynote / Numbers / Pages (key, numbers, pages)

  • Apache OpenOffice: Text / Spreadsheet / Presentation (odt, ods, odp)

  • Microsoft: Word / Excel / PowerPoint (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx)

  • Images (jpg / jpeg / png)

  • PDF files

Important Note: Files uploaded from Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive will not be recognized by the board packet. In order to include those files, do one of the following:

  • Download

    • Download the file to your computer (if it is in the proper file format) and upload from there

  • Open and Convert

    • Open the file in its location

    • Convert the file to an accepted file format (i.e. PDF)

    • Download the file to your computer (this may be a natural part of the converting step)

      • Move the file to an appropriate directory if desired

    • Upload the file from your computer to the appropriate agenda item

II. Setting Up Agenda for Board Packets

In order to create a Board Packet, an agenda must be created for the meeting. The files to include in the board packet must be included in the agenda itself (not just uploaded to the meeting page)

Please refer to Related Articles for more detailed steps for creating a meeting, building an agenda, and uploading documents to an agenda.

Prior to uploading a file to the agenda, do the following:

  1. Ensure the document is in an acceptable file type (refer to Overview of Board Packets for a list of file types). If it is not, convert the file to the proper type prior to uploading it.

    1. For example, in the case of a Google doc, follow these steps:

      1. Open the Google doc in

      2. Within Google docs (not the browser menu) - click File, then Download, then PDF Document (*.pdf)

        1. This will place the document in your computer's download folder in a PDF format (acceptable for the board packet)

        2. Locate and move to an appropriate folder of your choosing

      3. The PDF created can now be used for uploading to the agenda

  2. Ensure that the documents have proper annotation within them (the name of the file does not show when added to the board packet)

    1. If it is a photo, add a caption

    2. If it is a document, spreadsheet, or presentation, ensure it has an appropriate title

When editing the agenda, do the following to ensure a clean, complete Board Packet:

  1. Click on a specific agenda item and upload document(s) that apply to that agenda item

    1. Documents can be uploaded from the panel on the right that appears when editing an agenda item

    2. Do not simply upload all documents on one agenda item or at the end

      1. Adding to applicable items ensures that the documents attached to the Board Packet are in proper order based on the agenda topics

  2. Once all documents have been attached to the various agenda items, click Return to Meeting

  3. Review the list of documents under Agenda, titled with Documents in Agenda

    1. Ensure the names are easy to understand for people reviewing the meeting page

    2. Ensure all documents that should be included in the board packet are listed and have the proper extensions for accepted file types

III. Generate and Print the Board Packet

To generate the board packet:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate meeting page

  2. Select the Agenda tab of the meeting page

  3. Click Board Packet available at the top right of the Agenda page

    1. To view the button, the following must be true:

      1. The organization is on a Professional or Enterprise subscription plan

      2. The agenda is created

      3. At least one file is attached to an agenda item

      4. At least one of the attached files must be an acceptable type for the board back (refer to Overview of Board Packets for a list of file types)

  4. Boardable will begin the merging process

    1. Depending on file sizes and internet connection, this could take a few minutes

  5. Review the list of files (only files with the green checkmarks will be included in the final Board Packet PDF)

    1. If files are encrypted or locked, a red padlock will appear next to them - these must be un-encryped or unlocked prior to attaching to the agenda

      1. If the file must remain as is, it will not be included in the board packet, but it can be uploaded to the meeting page for easy viewing to those who have access

    2. If the file type is incorrect or is not recognized, a red exclamation point will be displayed or it will be blank across from the file name

      1. These files will need to be removed from the agenda, corrected, and re-uploaded

    3. For more details on troubleshooting, please refer to Related Articles

  6. Click Open or Quick Print

    1. Open will display the PDF

      1. Scroll through to review the document

      2. Click the arrow icon at the top of the page to download the file

      3. Click the printer icon at the top of the page to print the file

    2. Quick Print will bring up printer options

      1. Select the appropriate printer and options, then click Print

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