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Learn how to update address information, account holder, etc.

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I. Payment Section on Subscription Dashboard

The organization's current payment information is displayed on the Subscription Dashboard in the section titled Payment Methods (upper right corner).

To access the Subscription Dashboard, click Subscription from the main menu panel.

The Payment Methods section contains the payment information and the account holder's name, as well as access to manage account information.

II. Edit / View Payment Methods

To view or edit billing and shipping addresses for the organization, follow these steps:

  1. Click Subscription from the left Navigation Panel to view the Subscription Dashboard

  2. Click Edit Payment Methods

    1. A window pops up displaying the current payment methods

  3. Click payment method to edit

  4. Click Edit payment method

    1. Update your payment method menu opens, with the option to edit the following:

      1. Payment information

      2. Billing information

      3. Shipping information

  5. Make desired changes

  6. Click Update

    1. Updates are sent to the Account Holder by email

  7. Click the x in the right hand corner to close menu when done

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