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Learn how to cancel the organization's subscription and what happens after you leave Boardable.

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I. How to Cancel Subscription

To cancel your subscription, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or write to

II. What Happens After Cancellation

Important Note: Once canceled, all features and account access will expire at the end of the organization's billing cycle. In order to avoid any additional fees, Boardable strongly suggests downloading any desired information during that time-period.

  1. Subscription access:

    1. If monthly subscription canceled, access will continue through the end of the month paid

      1. Example:

        1. Subscription auto renews on October 15th

        2. Cancelation occurred October 30th

        3. Access will continue through November 15th

    2. If yearly subscription canceled, access will continue until the next payment cycle

      1. Example:

        1. Subscription started March 3, 2021

        2. Cancelation occurred on December 15, 2021

        3. Access will continue through March 3, 2022

  2. Boardable subscriptions are non-refundable

    1. Generally, refunds are not offered on any fees or charges related to paid subscriptions

    2. If this is a special circumstance or you feel the situation warrants an exception, please submit an account review request by sending an email to using the subject line "Refund Review"

      1. The organization's order history will be submitted for review and you will be contacted by email with a decision within 7-10 business days

  3. Organization's data

    1. The account is kept in a soft delete state (in case you wish to resubscribe)

    2. All Board related information is saved

      • Meetings, documents, polls, tasks, discussions, etc. are all preserved - including names of people involved

  4. If assistance is needed with anything after cancelation, please send an email to

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