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Sign an E-Signature Document
Sign an E-Signature Document

Learn how to sign a document in Boardable.

Written by Jocelyn Gombos
Updated over a week ago

Sign a Document

When a document is sent out for signature, each individual included in the signature process will be sent a bell notification (through Boardable), as well as an email notification.

To sign a document:

  1. Click to review and sign from one of the following:

    1. From Boardable Bell Notification

      1. Click on the bell at the top of the page to view notification

      2. Click on the Signature requested entry and the document will open

    2. From Email Received

      1. Click Review & Sign

        1. Log in to Boardable if not already logged in

    3. From the Document Center

      1. Click on Signatures

      2. Click Outstanding

      3. Click Sign next to a document title

  2. The document will open and display the number of signatures needed

    1. Click Next

  3. Click on Click to sign

  4. Add a signature

    1. Draw is selected by default

      1. To draw, use the mouse or a mouse pad to draw the signature

        1. To restart the drawing, click Clear

      2. To type, click Type and type the appropriate name

      3. To upload, click Upload and upload the file by dragging and dropping or click Choose a signature

    2. When finished, click Create

  5. Click Next (the date box will automatically fill with the current date) until all pages have been signed

    1. The signature created was saved

    2. Click on the signature to accept it

    3. OR click Add New Signature to create a new signature

  6. When all signing is complete, click Save

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