Screen Sharing

Learn how to screen share using Boardable Spotlight

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I. Introduction to Screen Sharing

Screen sharing lets Spotlight meeting participants display their screens to others in a meeting.

Any meeting participant can screen share.

All other meeting participants (besides those joining via dial-in) will see the screen shared content.

II. How to Screen Share

To screen share during a spotlight meeting:

  1. Join the meeting (to learn how to do this, please see Related Articles)

  2. Click Screen Share

  3. Browser screen share permissions menu pops out

    1. Select tab, window, or entire screen if option offered

      1. If this option is not offered, the browser can only share the entire screen

    2. Click Allow or Share

      1. The content displays

To stop screen sharing:

  1. Click Stop Screen Sharing from the bottom menu bar of the Spotlight page


  1. Click Stop sharing from the top of any active tab

III. How to View Shared Content

Note: using Full screen hides the video feeds of all meeting participants from the viewer; only the shared content is displayed

For all Spotlight participants in Speaker view when another participant screen shares, the shared content is pinned in the speaker panel.

For all participants in Grid view, the shared content is a panel in the grid, the same size as all other panels.

To expand the shared content to full screen, click Full screen in the panel showing the shared content.

To exit Full Screen, press esc on the keyboard.

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