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Learn how to navigate through Boardable's features from the home screen / menus and how to switch between organizations.

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II. Menus

I. Home Screen

After logging in to Boardable on a mobile device, the Home screen will be the first screen displayed. Please be aware that if the organization is hosted in our Canadian or European data centers, the mobile app will not be available. The web version of Boardable is still available on mobile devices for these locations.

Note: if involved in multiple boards that use the Boardable platform, the first screen displayed will most likely be Choose an organization. Tap on the organization name and the home screen for that organization will be displayed.

The Home screen is a quick view of what's happening. The screen is titled Home and the menu icon at the bottom of the screen is black (showing it is currently selected). The following information is included:

  • Your next meeting

    • Displays the next meeting scheduled on your calendar

    • Tap Join to go right into the meeting

    • Tap View All to view all upcoming and past meetings (unpublished meetings will not display)

  • Your Groups

    • Displays all the groups you are involved in

    • Swipe left to see more groups or tap View All

    • Tap the group name to open the group's page

  • Tasks

    • Displays incomplete tasks assigned to you

    • Tap View All to view incomplete and complete tasks

  • Goals

    • Displays open goals

    • Swipe left to see more goals or tap View All (archived goals will not display)

    • Tap a goal name to view details

II. Menus

The menus for the different Boardable features are easily accessible at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Home

    1. Displays the Home screen that contains a handy consolidated view

    2. Quick access to meetings, groups, tasks, and goals

  2. Meetings

    1. Displays upcoming and past meetings (unpublished meetings are not displayed)

    2. Checkmarks next to the meeting name denote your RSVP

      1. Grey: not responded

      2. Green: Yes

      3. Red: No

      4. Yellow: Maybe

    3. Tap Join to join a meeting

    4. Tap the meeting name to view meeting page details and to RSVP

  3. Docs

    1. Displays all folders and documents in the Document Center

    2. Some docs may require a Google drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox login to view

    3. This option is not visible to users with the role of Observer

  4. People

    1. Displays all people in the organization

    2. Tap a name to see more details

  5. More

    1. Pulls open a side menu that includes the following (tap an option to open):

      1. Tasks

        1. Displays incomplete and complete tasks

      2. Goals

        1. Displays un-archived goals

      3. Polls

        1. Displays incomplete and complete polls

        2. Provides ability to vote

      4. Discussions

        1. Displays discussions

        2. Provides ability to participate in discussions

      5. Help and Support

        1. Provides ability to browse, search, and view help articles

        2. Provides ability to chat with a Support team member

      6. Sign out

        1. Log out of Boardable

III. Switch Organizations

If you serve on more than one board using Boardable's platform, easily switch between organizations on the mobile app. To switch organizations:

  1. Tap the organization logo in the top right of any screen

  2. The Choose an organization pop-up window will appear

    1. Tap the desired organization name

IV. Swipe / Zoom In / Out

Swipe is useful to move left and right, the same concept can be used to scroll up and down. On the Home screen, swipe left (press lightly and move finger to the left as pictured below) to display more information on the right. Use the same concept by swiping up or down to scroll on any pages with lists (such as Meetings, Documents, etc.)

Zooming in and out of documents and meeting presentations can be done with ease as follows:

  • Zoom in: lightly press the screen with thumb and forefinger, then move them away from each other (this will enlarge the view)

  • Zoom out: lightly press the screen with the thumb and forefinger, then move them toward each other (this will reduce the view)


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