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Update Group Roles

Learn how to update roles and assign Group Admins within a group.

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Update Group Roles

Group Roles are automatically assigned based on the user's Account Role within the organization when the group is first created. The Group Role can be updated after the group is saved.

Only a Group Owner / Group Admin, within that particular group, can change a user's Group Role.

To change a user's Group Role:

  1. Access the group's Group Page by clicking Groups from the left main navigation menu and then selecting the desired group

  2. Click Members in the top navigation menu

  3. The Group's User Role can be changed by updating the checkmark under the Group Admin heading across from the user's Name as follows:

    1. Black checkmark, not circled: this is a Group Admin and the designation cannot be changed because the user is also an Organization Admin and / or the Group Owner

    2. Green circled checkmark: this is a Group Admin; green designates that a Member or Observer was elevated to Group Admin for this particular group; click the checkmark again to revert user back to Group Member status (grey circled checkmark)

    3. Grey circled checkmark: this is a Group Member whose Account Role may be Member or Observer; click the checkmark to elevate the user's status to Group Admin; the checkmark will turn green

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