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Learn how to create and delete a group - Organization Admins Only.

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I. Create a Group

Only Organization Admins (users with the Account Role of Administrator) can create a group.

To create a group, perform the following:

  1. Click Groups from the left main navigation menu

  2. Click the + New Group button directly across from the Groups title in the upper right

  3. Type the Group Name in the box provided, try to give it an appropriate name for the purpose it will serve

  4. Type a description or message that will be viewed by the members of the group to provide a clear picture of the group's purpose

  5. Select a Group Owner from the drop-down - all Administrators and Members will be listed, only one can be chosen (the user creating the group is defaulted initially as the Group Owner)

    1. The cursor will be in an empty text box when accessing the drop-down - to search for a name, start typing the letters or simply scroll through the names listed

    2. Click on the appropriate person's name

  6. If you wish to change the icon that appears next to the group name, click Change in the Icon section and select the color and icon that best represents the group

  7. To add group members, click inside the box under Add Group Members and select people from the list that populates, or begin typing a name to more quickly locate specific person

  8. To change the cover photo for the group click Edit in the Cover Photo section to either upload a photo or choose from pre-designed illustrations. NOTE: images should be no larger than 1200px by 600px

  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button (the Cancel button can be utilized prior to clicking Save if the group should not be created)

  10. The Group Page will open, displaying further opportunities in the top navigation menu to create goals, add meetings, polls, etc. and elevate members to Group Admin if their Account Role is currently Member or Observer.

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II. Delete a Group

Only Organization Admins can delete a group.

To delete a group, perform the following:

  1. Access the group's Group Page by clicking Groups in the main navigation menu on the left and then selecting the desired group

  2. Click the gear icon on the right to access the group's settings

  3. In the Edit Group page, click the red Delete Group button on the top right

  4. A pop-up window will appear warning that all polls, documents, and discussions associated with the group will also be deleted. To continue with deletion click Ok

  5. If Ok was clicked, the group deletion was confirmed and the Group Page will be displayed

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