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Document Center Overview
Document Center Overview

Learn how to find move, and download files, plus general use of Boardable's Document Center.

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I. Document Center Basics

The Document Center hosts all the files needed for the board in one place for easy reference and record keeping. It offers the simplicity of organizing and distributing documents without digging through multiple locations on shared drives and email attachments.
To access the Document Center, click Documents from Boardable's main menu panel.

The document center has the following features:

  • Organize files with folders

  • Mark files as favorites

  • Limit visibility with folder security

  • Upload files

    • From computer

      • Apple files, Image files, Microsoft files, CSV files, PDFs

    • Link to Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive

  • Download files and folders

  • Get documents signed with E-signature

Note: maximum upload file size is 250 MB per file

Please review Related Articles for more detailed instructions on these features.

The area at the top of the page will always display the folder structure. If in a folder that is nested by other folders, use this to navigate back to another folder.

Home can also be clicked to return to the home page of the Document Center.

II. Access by Boardable Role

Access and abilities within the Document Center by role include:

  1. Organization Admin (Administrator)

    1. Access to all files regardless of visibility settings

    2. Ability to upload, edit, move, and delete any documents within the Organization

    3. Ability to limit visibility to folders

    4. Prepare and send documents for E-signature

  2. Member

    1. Access to all folders and files where visibility is not limited to exclude them

    2. Ability to upload files / create folders

    3. Ability to move or delete files uploaded by them

    4. Ability to limit visibility on their own folders (Organization Admins can still access)

  3. Observer

    1. No access to the Document Center

    2. Files attached to groups or meetings, they are involved with, can be viewed through the associated page

III. Search the Document Center

To search for a document:

  1. Search is always available in the profile panel at the top of the page

    1. Type a part of the name and press Enter or Return on the keyboard

  2. Results will display on the Search page

  3. To narrow the search results, click documents under the search bar

IV. Sorting Files and Folders

Files and Folders can be sorted by Default, Name (A-Z), Name (Z-A), Newest to Oldest, or Oldest to Newest.

To sort files:

  1. Click Sort By

    1. The options menu drops down

  2. Click the desired sorting option

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