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Join Spotlight Meeting via Dial-in
Join Spotlight Meeting via Dial-in

Learn how to join spotlight meetings by calling a number on your phone

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I. View Dial-in Phone Number and Pin

Note: Dial-in supports International calling.

Users who cannot access a meeting via the web, desktop, or phone app can dial-in to the meeting to participate with voice only. To do so, they'll need to know the meeting's Dial-in phone number and its Pin.

After a Boardable Spotlight meeting is fully published, a Dial-in phone number will automatically be created for that specific meeting, and will only be accessible during the meeting.

The Dial-in phone number will remain the same for multiple meetings, but Dial-in PINs are not transferrable and are unique to each individual meeting.

There are 3 ways to view the dial-in information for the meeting:

  1. In the meeting invitation sent to participants via email

  2. In the calendar event created by this invitation

  3. On the meeting page within the Boardable platform

    1. To learn how to navigate to the meeting page, please refer toRelated articles

II. Join Meeting via Dial-in

To participate in a Boardable Spotlight meeting by phone:

  1. From your phone (or internet calling capability), dial the phone number provided for meeting

  2. Once prompted, enter the PIN associated with the meeting followed by the "#" sign

  3. You're in! (Don't forget to press mute on your phone when not speaking!)

    1. The dialed-in person will show a picture of a phone with their phone number listed below

III. What Other Participants See

For Professional and Enterprise accounts, the following details of dial-in attendees from recognized phone numbers are listed in the Spotlight call for other participants to view:

  • Caller's profile picture, if any exists

  • Caller's name, if one is set in user settings

    • If no name is set within user settings, their login email address is displayed instead

    • To learn how to set a name, please see Related Articles

  • Caller's pronouns, if any are set within user settings

A number is recognized when it's associated with an admin, member, or observer account one of the ways below:

  • It is saved within the Contact information tab of User Settings

  • It is set up as a place to receive 2FA codes over text / SMS

For all organizations other than Professional or Enterprise, other participants can only view the phone number of callers, and no other information.

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