Discussion Reports

Learn how to get a list of discussions as well as detailed reports - Organization Admins only.

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Discussion Reports

Discussion Reports are available through the Reports menu, which can only be accessed by Organization Admins (Administrators). Although Organization Admins are not able to participate in a discussion they are not invited to, they are able to view details about a discussion through reports.

To view discussion report options:

  1. Click Reports from the main menu panel

  2. On the Reports page, click Discussions from the navigation menu below the Activity Snapshot

  3. Select the appropriate options from the top portion of the page

    1. Groups

      1. Click the All Groups drop-down to select a specific group's discussion list - the default is All Groups

    2. Report

      1. Currently only Discussions List

    3. Time Frame

      1. Click 30 Days, 90 Days, Year, or All

  4. The Discussion Reports section displays a list of discussions based on the options selected

    1. The list includes the title of the discussion, number of users involved, group(s) involved, when it was created, and when it was last updated.

    2. Click Download CSV to download the list displayed

    3. The CSV file is saved to the downloads folder on your device

  5. For a more detailed report of a particular discussion:

    1. Find the desired discussion on the list and click View

    2. Click Download from the pop-up window

    3. The CSV file is saved to the downloads folder on your device - the report will include messages written, who wrote them, and when - any attached files will not be included

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