Export People Directory

Learn how Organization Admins can export the People Directory to view information in a user's profile and check 2FA.

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People Directory Export

The ability to export from the People Directory is also an available report option. This includes more extensive data pulled from the member's profile and this is also how two factor authentication (2FA) can be checked. The information included is:

  • First and Last Name

  • Login Email

  • Board Role

  • Board Term

  • Company

  • Title

  • Contact Email

  • Phone

  • Personal Address

  • Personal Address 2

  • Personal City

  • Personal State

  • Personal Zip

  • Personal Phone

  • Birthday

  • 2FA Enabled

  • Group Memberships (each group is listed as a column and the member will have an "x" under those they are a member of)

To export the People Directory:

  1. Click People from the main menu panel

  2. Click Export from the People Directory

    1. The CSV file is saved to the downloads folder on your device

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