Join Meeting in Mobile

Join Meeting in Mobile

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I. Join a Meeting

The Join Meeting button is available in three places:

  1. Home screen for the next occurring meeting

  2. Meetings screen for all Upcoming meetings

  3. Meeting Details screen for selected meeting

To join a meeting from the Meetings screen:

  1. Tap Meetings on the bottom menu

    1. Note: users with the role of Observer will not see the Docs option

  2. Tap the Join button

    1. Note: if the Join button is not visible, the meeting was setup for Zoom and may only be published to the calendar; once fully published, the Join button will display.

  3. The next screen depends on meeting role

    1. Collaborators

      1. Tap Start Meeting

    2. Members

      1. If a Collaborator has not already started the meeting, the Waiting for the administrator to to start the meeting... will display

  4. Adjust microphone (tap on or off) and camera (tap on or off) as desired, then tap Join Meeting

    1. Note: Zoom meetings will redirect to open the Zoom app or Zoom in browser

Note: the Join Meeting button can be utilized at any time. To view chats from previous meetings, tap Join Meeting and then open Chat (refer to In a Meeting for more details)

II. In Meeting Options

During a meeting, agenda and other documents can be reviewed while in the meeting.

Once in the meeting, the following options are available - tap to select:

  • Raise hand icon

    • Raise / lower hand

    • Hand will display on the person's tile who raised it

  • Microphone icon

    • Mute / unmute

  • Camera icon

    • On / off

  • Switch camera view icon

    • Device front (facing you)

    • Device back (away from you)

  • ... menu icon

    • Agenda

      • Opens Agenda

    • Documents

      • Displays Meeting Documents

    • Chat

      • Opens Chat

    • Meeting Info

      • Displays meeting information (meeting name, dial-in, etc.)

    • People

      • Displays meeting attendee list

  • Hang up icon

    • Leave meeting

III. Chat in Meeting

Chat is available during a meeting, and is a great way to stay engaged in the conversation and with the speaker.

To view and engage in chat during a meeting:

  1. Tap the ellipsis to reveal the menu

  2. Tap Chat

  3. To send a comment:

    1. Tap the Type Message area to reveal the keyboard

    2. Type the message and tap Send or tap the arrow icon

  4. To send a giphy:

    1. Tap the giphy icon

    2. Search giphy by typing into the Search GIPHY area

    3. Tap desired giphy (Note: it is immediately sent once tapped)

IV. View Presentations

Files can be presented to everyone by individuals on the web or desktop app, and can be viewed in the mobile app. When a file is being presented, mobile users will see the presentation above attendee images.

While viewing the presentation:

  • Zoom in or out of the presentation, using your fingers, to get a better view

    • Please refer to Related Articles (Navigating Boardable's Mobile App) for more direction on how to zoom

  • Notifications will briefly appear for the following:

    • Chat

    • Raise Hand

    • Your microphone was muted (by an admin)

    • Your camera was turned off (by an admin)

  • Scroll to the right (by swiping left), over attendee images, to view attendees live

V. View Screen Sharing

Screen sharing can be performed by individuals on the web or desktop app, and can be viewed in the mobile app. When a screen is shared, users on the mobile app will see it in the same place as a presentation.

The ability to zoom in or out will not be availble with screen sharing. However, there will be the option to switch to full screen mode.

To go full screen:

Note: the black area surrounding the share may be non-existent depending on the size of the screen being shared.

  1. Tap the enable full screen icon to enter full screen mode

  2. The view will expand to fill the screen - turn the phone sideways for best viewing

    1. To exit full screen, tap the disable full screen icon

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