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Learn how to get search for help, view articles, and chat with Support in the mobile app.

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I. Access Help and Support

Help articles and the ability to chat with support are available on the mobile app.

To access help:

  1. Tap More from the bottom menu

    1. Note: users with the role of Observer will not see the Docs option

  2. Tap Help and Support

II. View and Search Help Articles

The ability to view the list of help articles as well as search help articles is available through the Help and Support menu.

To view and search all help articles:

  1. From the Help and Support screen, tap Search articles...

  2. Help topics display the same as Help Center on the web or desktop apps

    1. Scroll through the topics, help article lists, and help articles by lightly pressing a finger on the screen and moving it up (or down to reverse scroll)

    2. Tap the x at the top to return to the Help and Support screen

    3. Tap the left arrow at the top (when available) to return to the previous screen

    4. Get help displays at the top of the topic list

      1. Tap any topic to view help articles associated with it

        1. Tap any article name to open and view the article

  3. To search for an article

    1. Tap in the Search articles... box on the Get help screen

    2. Using the keyboard displayed, type a topic

    3. Relevant articles are displayed

      1. Scroll through the list to find the most relevant one

      2. Tap the article name to open and view

      3. Tap Cancel to return to article topics

III. Chat with Support

To chat with Support:

  1. From the Help and Support screen, tap Send us a Message

  2. Complete the prompts this expands

  3. At the bottom of the chat screen, tap Start a conversation... to reveal the keyboard

    1. Type a message and tap Send

    2. Note: live support is available 9:00 am to 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

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