Overview of Accessibility

Learn what accessibility means to Boardable and what we are doing to create a more inclusive environment within the platform.

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Overview of Accessibility

Boardable cares about its customers and wants to create software that is convenient, easy to use, and available to everyone. In an effort to continually improve our efforts, Boardable offers accessibility options for a variety of desires and disabilities, which also makes our software ADA and WCAG 2.1 A, AA, and AAA compliant (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

Why is accessibility important? Accessibility creates a more inclusive environment, making it easier for everyone to participate. It helps accommodate auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, visual impairments, and temporary disabilities. It also benefits people using mobile devices or small screens as well as different situations or environments (such as bright sunlight, noisy area, limited bandwidth).

If curious as to what the reasoning is behind some of the options provided, and why they may be necessary, here is some additional information.

  • Screen Reader: listen as this feature reads aloud text on the screen. Designed to assist users who are blind or visually impaired, you can listen at a normal, fast, or slow reading pace.

  • Contrast: adjust the contrast by selecting from light and dark options, invert the color, or make the page black and white. Different contrasts help people with dyslexia, light sensitivity, and colorblindness, as well as provide options to reduce eyestrain.

  • Highlight Links: turn on this feature to highlight every link on the page and make them easier to identify quickly.

  • Bigger Text: Increase the font size for enhanced reading speed and accuracy, especially on smaller devices.

  • Text Spacing: increase the white space between lines of text, up to three times the original, to make text easier to read and minimize distractions.

  • Pause Animations: stop animations, blinking, and flashing content to minimize distractions and assist individuals with low vision, people prone to seizures, and those triggered by visual stimuli.

  • Dyslexia Friendly: change all text to the Dyslexia Friendly Font which provides an easier reading experience for customers with dyslexia by making letters and numbers more clearly defined.

  • Cursor: increase the size of the cursor to easily identify where your mouse is located, or use it as a tool to help you read more carefully. This allows for faster and more accessible navigation throughout each page.

  • Tooltips: hover the mouse over elements on screen to view alternative text, descriptions, or labels that are displayed in high contrast and an easy to read font.

  • Line Height: increase the white space between lines of text, up to three times the original.

  • Text Align: adjust the direction of text when the current alignment feels unfriendly or confusing. Text can be aligned left, right, center, or justified.

  • Dictionary: highlight words to display their definitions in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

  • Saturation: increase or decrease the color saturation of the interface.

These options can be combined to customize Boardable for many disabilities using Accessibility Profiles. This is described further in Accessibility Options in Boardable โ€” see related articles below.

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